Archangel Raphael Healthy Lifestyle

You are co-creating your health by following your inner guidance about lifestyle habits. 

I give you inner nudges to improve the way you eat, or to exercise or rest more often. 

My prodding isn't to nag you or rob you of pleasure. 

Rather my urgings are in response to your prayers for higher energy levels, increased well being, weight loss, clarity and a happier mood. 

When you take excellent care of your body, your outlook and self esteem naturally blossom.

 Raphael is heavens physician, and he prescribes preventative and curative medicine in the form of Divine intervention and guidance. 

In the former he swoops into the situation and surrounds it with his emerald green healing light and love- and the situation is instantly healed. 

But in the latter- which is actually more common- Raphael will give you intuition and hunches showing how you can help with the healing." 
Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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