Here is a mental treatment that is guaranteed to cure every ill that flesh is heir to: 

Sit for half an hour every night and mentally forgive everyone against whom you have any ill will or antipathy. 

If you fear or if you are prejudiced against even an animal, mentally ask forgiveness of it and send it thoughts of love. 

If you have accused anyone of injustice, if you have discussed anyone unkindly, if you have criticized or gossiped about anyone, withdraw your words by asking him, in the silence, to forgive you. 

If you have had a falling out with friends or relatives, if you are at law or engaged in contention with anyone, do everything in your power to end the separation. 

See all things and all persons as they really are—pure Spirit—and send them your strongest thoughts of love. 

Do not go to bed any night feeling that you have an enemy in the world.

Be careful not to think a thought or to say a 

word that will offend. 

Be patient, loving, and kind, under all 


You can do this if you are faithful to the silent hour, because there you will be helped to overcome the selfishness of the carnal sense.

There is an immutable law lying back of this healing method. 

God is love, and love is manifest as life. 

God is thus manifest in and through all His creations. 

If we do aught to cut off the love of any person

 we are cutting off the love of God; 

hence, we are cutting off the life that flows 

through all. 

When we, by withdrawal from our fellows, 

in any way cut the cords of love that bind us

 together as men and women, we at the same time sever the arteries and veins through which the universal life flows. 

We then find ourselves mere bundles of strained nerves, trembling and shaking with fear and weakness, and finally dying for the lack of God’s love. 

But omnipresent Spirit ever seeks to flow into us and to stimulate us in every faculty. 

We must, however, by our words and acts acknowledge this all-powerful Presence as the moving factor in our lives, because each of us has inherent free will, which welcomes or rejects all, even God not being excepted.

Self-condemnation is also a great error,

 leading to dire results. If you have accused 

yourself of ignorance, foolishness, fear, 

sickness, anxiety, poverty, anger, jealousy, stinginess, ambition, weakness, or if you are melancholy and indulge in the “blues,” ask forgiveness, for each, of the loving Father in whose image and likeness you spiritually have perfect life. 

Say often to this omnipresence:

I do now sacrifice these human limitations 

unto Thee, O Father! I am obedient unto the 

law of my being, and I know that in Thee I am brave, true, energetic, wise, pure, perfect, strong, rich, and courageous. 

Thou art my almighty Resource, and I do trust Thee utterly.

Forgiveness is the process of giving up the false for the true; erasing sin and error from the mind and body. 

It is closely related to repentance, which is a turning from belief in sin to belief in God and righteousness. 

A sin is forgiven when one ceases to sin, and true forgiveness is only established through renewing the mind and body with thoughts and words of Truth.

Forgiveness really means the giving up of 


When you forgive yourself, you cease doing 

the things that you should not do. 

Jesus said that man has power to forgive sin. 

Sin is the falling short of divine law, and repentance and forgiveness are the only means that man has of getting out of sin and its effect and coming into harmony with the law.

It is through forgiveness that true spiritual 

healing is accomplished. 

Forgiveness removes the errors of the mind, 

and bodily harmony results in consonance 

with divine law.

The law is Truth, and Truth is all that is good.

There is no power or no reality in sin. 

If sin were real and enduring, like goodness 

and Truth, it could not be forgiven but would 

hold its victim forever. 

When we enter into the understanding of the 

real and the unreal, a great light dawns on us, 

and we see what Jesus meant when He said, 

“The Son of man hath authority on earth to 

forgive sins.”

The necessity of forgiveness is our first work 

in any demonstration is to contact God; 

therefore, we must forgive all men their 


Through the divine law of  forgiveness we cleanse our mind so that the Father can forgive us.

Anyone can verbally attack another. 

Anyone can be a smart aleck. 

Anyone can be angry and tell other people things that will hurt them. 

Anyone can be sarcastic, devaluating and belittling , but it takes real strength to be silent. 

Forgiveness is so powerful and can be so loving. 

My value and worth today doesn’t come from what others think of me.. 

It only comes from my relationship with God… 

Be still and know.

If you feel hurt because someone insulted 


This is ego. 

Feel great with praise? 

This is ego.

 A managed ego state (or egoless state) is free 

from emotional attachment and reaction from

 the judgment of others. 

When ego is attacked or hurt, it does what ego

 does: fights and hurts back for ego is not 

love, it is separation.

Ego only wants to play with problems, there 

is no such thing as a grateful ego, happy ego or problem solving ego. 

Ego: the optical illusion of consciousness. 

The only problem (ego): conscious separation from God. 

The only solution (God): Conscious contact/awareness with God. 

Everyone is You and You are they. 

The bodies create the illusion of separate being; but consider the fingers of a hand: they all look different, but they’re all part of the hand. 

Look beyond the outer appearance; release the imprisoned splendor!

Here are some Metaphysical definitions and 

uses of the word ‘ego’: ego is the I. 

The ego is man, and by reason of his divinity he makes and remakes as he wills. In this lie his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. 

The ego of itself is possessed of nothing. 

It is a mere ignorant child of innocence floating in the Mind of Being, but through the door of its consciousness must pass all the treasures of God.

An adverse ego happens when the ego 

attaches itself to sense consciousness, it 

builds the antichrist man, who has no basis in


This is known as the adverse ego. 

It is the adverse ego that causes all the 

trouble in the world. 

Its selfishness and greed make men grovel in

 the mire of materiality, when they might soar 

in the heavens of spirituality.

A Spiritual Ego is the true self; an 

individualized center of God consciousness; 

I AM; conscious identity…. it is the opposite of

 egotism, the state of consciousness built up

 by the will functioning in the sense world. 

In this false 

expression it looks 

upon itself as 

great, honorable, 


Supreme egotism stops the flow of spiritual life in the organism, and body atrophy sets in.

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