Below is a chart showing the generation of the next level of spheres, after the Vesica Pisces, which has its basis in the seven days of creation, and ultimately forms 13 spheres which is known as Metatron's Cube.
The graphic below is taken from "Sedona. Beyond the Vortex" by Richard Dannelly.
Within these spheres is the potential for the generation of the building blocks of creation known as the Platonic solids.
Around each of us is an electromagnetic field of energy which is our consciousness. Most of us feel that our consciousness is created within our physical brains. This is not the case. Our physical brains are just the vehicle for the reception of consciousness into this incarnation, into this reality.
We also exist on many levels of consciousness. These levels of consciousness, or dimensions, correspond to the musical scales within an octave. At the moment, humanity is focussed, in incarnation, on the 3rd plane of consciousness. We are working collectively, on the 4th level consciousness, and are evolving to the 5th level of consciousness. The magnetic structure of each of our electromagnetic energybodies, on each of these levels of consciousness, corresponds to one of the Platonic Solids. This electromagnetic energy field around each of our dimensional bodies is the Merkabah Lightbody for that level of consciousness.
The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation is the practice whereby each of these Merkabah Lightbodies is spun, with intention, at a divine rate, to create a vortex of energy within your consciousness at that level.
As we have shown previously, all of these sacred geometrical shapes hold within their structure the energy of Creation in the form of the Golden Mean ratio. That these sacred geometrical shapes are held as a magnetic structure within our different Merkabah Lightbodies. When we activate each of these Lightbodies using this practice, through their spin, they create a vortex whereby the Creative Energy of God is drawn into your Lightbody, energising your consciousness at that level, and creating whatever is in your consciousness at that level. You become a vortex of Creation Energy.
Thus is the power of this practice and why it was a so closely guarded secret up until 1995.

From the diagram below it can be seen that the Qabalistic Tree of Life fits perfectly over the pattern of the Flower of Life. The Tree of Life in turn is a Universal Glyph of the pattern of consciousness. This pattern can be transposed over any mystical system and its correspondences verified.
This diagram also shows the locations of the Alpha and Omega chakras which are more multi-dimensional gateways than chakras as we know them. They link in to the creation or octave above and below our reality.
Also shown on this diagram are the locations of the 'hidden' Sephiroth on the Tree of Life including the little known 'Devic' chakras.
We are all aware of the fact that we have energy centres in our electro- magnetic auras or 'lightbodies'.

What we do not realize is that each of these 'chakras' has a vibration which perfectly matches the vibration of one of the 'Platonic Solids'. That is to say that a particular chakra has, as part of it's structure as consciousness, a vibrational pattern of one of the platonic solids.

Each chakra contains ALL geometric patterns within it, but one is more predominant in each chakra over the others.

Movement is consciousness.

It is the knowledge of the ratios of spinning these chakras as dimensional form that is the knowledge of the Golden Heart Merkabah.

As an example

If I knew the perfect spin ratio of the Icosahedron, the perfect spin ratio that would attune me to the Divine at that level of consciousness, I could activate this Merkabah at that spin rate, which resonates with the Atmic Body, or the 6th Dimension.

This would create an instant link with that aspect of my Eternal Self which is consciously aware at that level or vibration. I would start to receive impressions, realizations of my Self as a 6th dimensional being whilst still holding awareness in 3rd dimensional density.

Why is this so special?

Well, the traditional spiritual path is to sit in meditation, in stillness, to allow your 'essential self' to arise. This can take many years of practice which is ok.

This practice has always been given in the past to the highest initiates as a way of contacting aspects of the Self which would normally be out of reach for the majority of us in one lifetime.

The time on the planet now is of 'no more secrets', and so this practice has been given out into the world so that all who feel drawn to reach for the stars can do so in this lifetime.

The service aspect of this work is that, in truth, the Merkabah field of planet Earth is also starting to spin at a higher rate. Those of us who choose to do this work are helping the planet to achieve this new spin. Each one of us is an atom in the body of Gaia. As more of us start to do spiritual work it is affecting the Merkabah Lightbody of Gaia.

Those of us who are activating our Merkabah Lightbody and are choosing to meet in groups to create 'Group Merkabah' can profoundly effect all life on this planet and the planet Herself. It is the way that has been chosen for Ascension to occur and has the Blessing of all the Realms of Light.

Most of us are aware that there is in existence something called the Photon Band but most of us are unaware of what exactly this is.
In the early 1960's various satellites began picking up evidence of a band of photonic energy which had its origins in the very centre of our galaxy. This has since become known as the Photon Band. The whole of the Solar System is now transiting into this band of energy; Earth first contacted it in 1987, the Sun entered it on the Winter Solstice of 1998, and our whole Solar System will be immersed in it at the Winter Solstice of 2012.
This also coincides with the end of the Galactic Calendar as kept by the Mayan Timekeepers. Once in this band of energy the Solar System will remain in it for 2000 years before once again venturing out into the Galactic Night.

The immersion in this band of photonic energy is causing a speeding up of the atoms in our Solar System. This in turn is causing the cells in your body to speed up and let go of stored energy. It has been proved by scientists that our cells store the energy of traumas we experience, in fact cancer cells are cells that are so overloaded with emotional trauma that they mutate and lose connection with the host ie; your consciousness, and begin to evolve and grow along a chaotic pattern.

Throughout the world people are experiencing the effects of this clearing.
These are sore throats and 'flu-like' symptoms without the flu; headaches across the forehead or over one eye or both; heart palpitations or arrhythmia due to an activation of the Thymus Gland; extremely exhausted for no apparent reason; aching joints and diarrhoea.
In the book 'The Pleiadian Agenda' by Barbara Hand Clow it states that this band of energy is creating a clearing of all of Humanity at cellular and DNA level. This has to happen for only those of us who have done the clearing can experience all 9 dimensions of existence simultaneously. This is a prerequisite for remaining in physical body after the full immersion in the Photon Band after 2012.
The illustration opposite shows how bands of energy radiate out from the Galactic Core forming a torus. It is one of these bands that we are entering into at this time.


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