Meditation: Movement Toward the Mother

Meditation Bert Hellinger: 

Movement Toward the Mother. 

Close your eyes. 

Before you is your mother, as she is and how she was, with its light and its shadow. 

We look at her long, in the eyes until the images that we get of her image have omitted. 

And remain just a you and an ego. 

In front of us our mother, our shower. 

And we are in front of her as a self. 

And so we wait. Without intention. 

Without desire. 
We are facing only. 

And we look so to them, we look beyond them to a distant light. 

It is in this light. 

And look at it and we will drown in this distant light. 

It is their light and our light. 

The same light. 

An eternal light, and behind it a dark, a darkness from which everything began. 

And so we remain clear and collected at the same time. 

What is left of our mother? 

What remains of the images that we have made of it? 

They still count? 

They do not appear in this infinite light and this darkness? 

And what about us? 

What is important here for us? 

Are not we embrace the same light and darkness the same? 

And so we take our mother now in our hearts, are great with their love, let the fleeting and provisional behind us, and now go on to other people, for example to our children, to other people on a partner to other people , where we serve for life. 

For example, a teacher at the school, in our profession, and put us in our profession in the service of life for many - and be happy.

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